Dudes! California is around the corner (well, not literally. Although that would be great) and we are gettin hella stoked about it (I think thats how Californians would say ‘My oh my. How exciting it is going to be to sing in this concert.’)

As part of this show, a smaller group of singers – Semi Chorus – will be singing a couple more songs on top of those that we all sing as a big glorious choir. Semi Chorus offers our members the opportunity to do additional rehearsals in a smaller group setting where we continue the work we do in our larger rehearsals on vocal and performance style.

The vocal parts in the songs that Semi Chorus sing will not be difficult, but we are looking for confident performers who can hold their part in the mix and who will be available to attend the extra rehearsals.

If you would like to audition to be a part of the Semi Chorus get in touch.