Every Voice Counts

To all our voices out there. The cloud busting voices. The humble voices. The earth trembling voices. The quiet voices. The powerful voices.

We want to write to you a couple of times a month to keep you in the know and open up the forum for you to be heard. If there’s a song recommendation for this term that your insides are burning to belt out, a great idea for a collaboration in the future, or anything else, feel free to get in touch.

We Are Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On…

This April, Some Voices unlock the door to the marvellous materials of our minds and invite you to escape with them to meet The Weaver of Dreams. See how he conjures dreams of love, dreams of loss, dreams of hope. Held captive in his charms for an evening, one thing is for sure – the world will not be the same as when you left it.

We’ll be previewing our show when we headline the chorus festival at the Southbank Centre http://www.southbankcentre.co.uk/whatson/some-voices-the-finale-1000838

 Words Of Wisdom

‘Don’t make people pay for music,’ says Amanda Palmer: ‘Let them.’

A TED2013 talk on the business of being a rock star:

Listen to The Vaults

They don’t have a wiki page yet, so discover ethereal London band, Vaults, before everyone else does:

London’s Calling

Toro Y Moi will be playing at Oval Space, but it’s sold out because he is that good. He’ll be at Longitude though, so check it:


Wonders Of The Web

We’ve spent way too long on Patatap; a site that visualises soothing keystroke sounds. It’s more exciting than it looks:



And finally, here’s a lovely Haiku (also doubling up as a clue to our next song).

“Since my house burned down I now have a better view of the rising moon http://unplugthetv.com/post/113368007647/why-do-we-only-see-one-side-of-the-moon


– Mizuta Masahide