Jane, Matt & Katy from Tuesday choir are going to head this up. From nights to showcase your work, skills and passions – can you spin plates, juggle fire, Jackson the Pollocks off a canvas, sculpt Lionel Richie’s head with your eyes closed, recite all off Shakespeare’s works in 2 minutes – to just plain old booze ups. Some Voices want to see some more of you.

To kick it all off, we’re arranging an evening of sport sure to bring everyone together… Bowling – one of the meanest sports out there. Whether you’re someone who elegantly spins the ball to the rewarding clink of 10 pins toppling to the ground (Curt) or someone who needs those bouncy cushion things in the gutters to prevent them from living down there (Laura), its all in the name of fun. And there is always the bar. The glorious Rowan’s bowling alley in Finsbury is the place. 25th October is the time. Save the date.