Occasionally Some Voices Ltd take photographs and carry out filming during rehearsals and productions for use in our publicity material and other resources.

By joining as a member of Some Voices Ltd, you hereby give your consent for us to capture and use photographs and / or video recordings in which you may appear.



You must respect other people and be responsible for yourself whilst being aware of the welfare of others.

The decisions and instructions of staff must be entirely respected and followed at all times.

Some Voices Ltd staff will not force or entice you into doing anything you do not wish to do.

Some Voices Ltd accepts no responsibility for the security of personal belongings such as phones, cameras, personal stereos or any other personal possessions.

Whilst on activities outside of working hours, you will be considerate to other people that may be using the facilities and respectful of their needs.



It is our intention to provide you with a positive experience and for you to enjoy your experience under the expertise of a professional leader and other practitioners.

We all expect the same level of respect.

During rehearsals and performances, we need to make sure that all members are getting the most out of their time and our priority is the safety of everyone.

We expect you take responsibility for your own safety and well being.

By joining Some Voices Ltd, you are agreeing and will adhere to the mutual understanding of what conduct WILL NOT be tolerated:

-Bullying, in any form.

-Any form of abusive or threatening behaviour towards a member of Some Voices, our staff or audience.

-The use or possession of offensive weapons such as knives, blades, pellet guns etc.

-The use or possession of drugs or ANY illegal substances.



Some Voices Ltd reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time without notice