We have really missed our melody-making times with you all, and cannot wait to get back to do more singing. Hope you are as excited to start up again as we are.

We have been putting our heads together here at Some Voices HQ to come up with an uplifting, fun-filled, sun-thrilled show for this summer. Take a look at our little video to find out what we’ve decided on…(if the title above hasn’t already given it away).


Oh you ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’, come take a trip with us to the sunshine state. From The Beach Boys to Snoop Dogg we will be celebrating all things Californian. ‘God Only Knows’ there’ll be plenty of ‘California Love’ to go around. ‘Dance To The Music’ until you are ‘Insane In The Brain’ and left asking ‘Who Am I (What’s My Name)?’